What are some
diagnosed mental illnesses?
Source: MedlinePlus
Do people suffer from poor mental health here in the Gulf? An article in The National entitled, "Untreated Mental Illness Costs Gulf Nations $3.5 Billion in Lost Productivity Each Year", sheds light on this subject. Roughly 15% of people living in the Gulf experience poor mental health and 1-4 people will suffer from a mental illness in their live time. The Gulf Region is short on mental health professionals to combat the issue of mental health and seventy-five percent of those with mental health problems will not seek health due to the stigma which is a major barrier for getting help.  Another barrier is limited insurance coverage for mental health.
Poor mental health not only impacts the individual but families, communities, and economies.   According to Lina Shadid, PwC Middle East executive, “Poor mental health can have drastic negative economic consequences, both in terms of lost wages due to diminished productivity and increased medical costs.
Are there any examples in the Bible related to poor mental health?
When reading Scripture, we tend to magnify the glorious moments of the Bible characters as though they were
superheroes, unscathed by anything. We like positive moments but what about those bleak moments?
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What can we do to help our own mental health?

Mental Health Boosters


Praise to God – sing,  this will create positive brain pathways to combat negative thoughts
Be thankful – create a thanksgiving journal
Claim the Promises of God
Surround yourself with positive people
Get adequate sleep – 7-8 hours/night
Eat fresh fruit & vegetables
Daily exercise
Exposure to sunlight
Forgive yourself & others
Saying “No”
Seek professional help

Mental Health Downers

- Negativity   
- Guilt                 
- Victim mindset
- Overwork
- Fear
- Violence
- Inequality
- Poverty
- Bullying
- Lack of Sleep
- Rehearsing Failures
- Shame